Common items

     "icon" : "MdLocalSee",
     "name" : "Scanner",
     "sectionType" : "scanner"

These three items are required in each and single menu item in the app. 

  • Icon - is the icon of the menu
  • Name - is the name of the section
  • sectionType - the type of section

          -  "master-detail" empty or null - if you are creating master view detail

          -  "profile" - Section when users can register or view their profile 

          - "listOfUsers" - To show the list of registered users

          - "cart" - If you are creating some kind of application that should have a payment section

          - "orders" - To show the list of orders

          -  "web" - If you want to show some website or to show some HTML code

          - "map" - If you are creation application that has a map to show some locations (ex: night club location,             event location)

          -  "notifications" - To show the list of notifications

          -  "scanner" - If you want to have a ticket scanner app