Easy Setup - Digital Ocean

Our users have reported different problems during installation, due to the fact, that this project consists of multiple submodules in order all to function well. 

So we have created a pre-configured virtual machine, that you can use to start your app builder.

In this guide, we will explain how to easily deploy your App Builder to Digital Ocean.


  1. Digital Ocean account
  2. Firebase Database 
  3. 2x Expo accounts
  4. Domain Name - Pointed to Digital Ocean ( used for the app builder page or landing page  )
  5. SendGrid Account 
  6. Envato Purchase Code

Installing the Virtual Machine

Login to your Digital Ocean account, and upload a new custom image. 


Enter the URL to the virtual machine. You can find the link in the zip you downloaded from CodeCanyon, in the file virtual_machine_info.txt 

For DISTRIBUTION select Cent OS. Select your desired region, and click on the Upload Image button.

It will take a while, for Digital Ocean to download the complete virtual machine. Around 7GB.

After that, the virtual machine will be there, and you should start new Droplet, from it. 


Select the Standard Plan - 10$/m with 2GB of RAM ( you can select more powerful if you need - this one is tested and enough ).  Here is an example, how we did it.

Pointing your domain to Digital Ocean.

Learn how to.

In Digital Ocean -> Networking add your domain.

Point your domain DNS to Digital Ocean. 

--- Main Domain --

Create  A record  with value @ connected to your Droplet

Create a CNAME  record with a value www that points to your domain. 

-- Subdomain -- 

Optional if you don't want a landing page

Create A record with a value of the subdomain connected to your Droplet

Create a CNAME record with a value www.SUBDOMAIN that points to your SUBDOMAIN

The main domain will be used for the landing page and the subdomain for the App Builder page.

How to set up SendGrid domain authentication

As we mentioned in the video you have to create CNAME records in Digital Ocean that will allow SendGrid to correctly send emails.

Follow the SendGrid documentation to set up SendGrid domain authentication.

There is also example of how to set up your domain.


Connect to SSH and Login in Firebase CLI

Open Terminal app on Mac or Linux. On Windows, you can use Putty or Solar Putty.

ssh root@SERVER_IP

Password is provided in virtual_machine_info.txt.


firebase login --no-localhost

Follow the instructions, and log in with your account.

Start the install 

In a browser, open YOUR_DOMAIN:5002 

The password for the website user is available in virtual_machine_info.txt 

When logged in, just continue filling the form

Click on Submit.

And the install procedure will start. 

In the end, the script will set up the following things. 

  1. Landing page, running on HTTPS on your domain
  2. App Builder Page, running on HTTPS on your subdomain
  3. App Preview app - available in your expo preview account
  4. Demo Firebase Data will be uploaded
  5. Firebase cloud functions will be uploaded
  6. Your App Builder script will be started and waiting for apps to be made.

Next, you just need to configure your landing page and pricing options. 

Next steps

To do it, follow these 2 guides. 



After that, you are ready to start your business. 

It usually takes not more than 20 minutes of work to set up everything.