FAQ for Regular License

  1. Is this a SaaS platform?
    No! Unfortunately, this is not a SaaS ( Software as a Service ) solution. So you can use it, only on your own, for yours or apps for your clients.

  2.  Is this multi-user platform?
    It is designed for a single user. But you can add more than 1 user to share the same workspace

  3. I just bought the project, where to start?
    Thank for the purchase. Please follow the video docs.

  4. Where I can test the app builder?
    Visit reactappbuilder.com and enter your email.

  5. What is the difference between React App Builder and App Platform – All in one React Native Universal Mobile App?

              - The first difference is that with React App Builder you can create an unlimited number of apps, with App  Platform – All in one React Native Universal Mobile App, for now, you can create only 9 apps.

              - It’s easier to create an app with React App builder then with App Platform. 

              -  With React App builder, you can preview the work while you ware creating the app online.

             - You can easier combine sections to make different apps in React App Builder