Managing Section Content

In ReactAppBuilder generally, we have two types of section

  1. Master / Details Sections
  2. Specific Sections

Master Details sections are the ones that first display a list of items and then on click on each, opens the details about that item. Such sections are the events, news, radios, recipes, products etc....

Specific sections are the sections that are particularly designed for some specific task like, cart, orders, user profile etc.. 

In this guide, we will show you how to manage any Master/Details section content. Let's start. 


Master / Detail view works with items. But we also have categorization. So each item no matter what ( post, event, product ) can belong to some specific category. 

In the list of your sections, you will see a folder icon if the section is Master / Detail section. 


Click on the folder icon to see and manage these section categories

If no category exists, you will something like this.


Click on the "ADD" button to add your first category. 

Then you will see your first category in a table view. 


You can now, click on it, to manage her image, name, and title. 


Adding item is similar like adding categories. 

Click on the "Database" icon, to mang the items for the specific category. 


Then if there is no item, you will be asked to add the first one. 


Then you will see the list of items that you can manage ( Create / Read / Update / Delete )


When you click on edit, then you should be in the item detail page. All items will have Collection that they belong to. Select the of the collection, that this item belongs to from the list of the collection that you should see as a drop-down.