Modifying component , templates, and initial data

Templates and Components (Sections)

In the Builder/src/config there is another folder builder.

Inside you will see 

apps.json - The templates that the client will see

components.json - All the components that are available

sections_config.js - Configuration for each section, their display name, an icon. 

appsettings.json - JSON settings that will be default per each new app.


You are able to modify all of them or add new temples and components. 

Save the files. You will need to build and republish the app builder

Initial Data 

When your client, creates a new item. ex. Event in the Event Section.

Initial data will be used to create this event/item. And he will be able to modify the newly created event. 

You have the option to modify this initial data that will appear to the user. Or you can make it empty. 

All of the sections initial data is located in Builder/src/firestoreschema.js


Ex. Here is how to modify event dates


Save the file. You will need to build and republish the app builder