Step 0. Create a accounts

Expo is a platform build on top of React Native, that allows you an easy and fast process of making React Native Apps in the cloud. We also use expo app compilation process.

You will need to create 2 accounts 

1. The First one will be where you will upload your tester/preview app (PREVIEW)
2. The second one,  will be used for the app creation and build process. (BUILD)

Both of the accounts shouldn't have complex or private passwords and usernames


1. For the Preview account, we have

Username: mobidoniapreview

Password: AppPreview

2. For the  Build account one, we have

Username: mobidoniabuild

Password: AppBuild

They should be like this because your clients will sign it with them, to preview their app and build the apps they have.

Take note of the values, later on, you will need them.


Install React App Builder