Step 1 - Configuration

F Firebase, Syncing and Functions / Cloud Functions Last updated on Updated  Feb 05, 2019

In the project you downloaded from CodeCanyon there is a folder with name Cloud Functions

Inside this folder, we have put all the functions that are necessary for running the React App Builder and also helper function that the App Needs. 


First, we need to do some configuration before uploading the Cloud Functions.

In the folder CloudFunction/functions there is file config.js. 

Edit it with any text editor. 

SENDGRID_API_KEY - Used for the send mail to client

  1. Create SendGrid account and getting an API_KEY.
  2. Put that key in YOUR_SENDGRID_API_KEY

fromEmail - Email that will be the sender of the emails. Should be validated email in SendGrid

//Email Config

Email Subject and Email Text

Then you will find Email Subject and Email Text variables for ios and android. 

These values are used when we notify the user that their app is created. 

You can modify them to suit your needs. 

They have  two placeholder fields

userName - Client Name

linkToApp - Link to android .apk file

cryptoString - String used to salt the Apple Password of the user

Change the value of this string to make it even more secure.

Security is important, so we do the following things

  1. We encrypt and salt the user password
  2. We delete the store encrypted password when we have compiled the app

//Firebase configuration

Same as you did when you have initialized the ReactAppBuilder. We will need the configuration code for your Firebase Real-time Database

Here are the instructions.

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