Step 1. Install the script

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The sync script is a node js project. It runs on any node enabled environment.

You can run it locally or on a server. ( Node Server / Hosting is preferred )

Environment setup

First, you will need to set up your environment. Then will need Node + NPM installation. You will also need GIT on your system.

But first, upload the script you downloaded from codecanyon on any location you want to run it. 

Install node and npm: Download it from here.

Install GIT: Download it from here.

To verify your installation run

node --version
npm --version
git --version

Installing process manager

We suggest pm2 for process management. Follow that guide and install the pm2 globally, we will need it later.

npm install pm2 -g

Installing the required node modules

To install the required node modules, go in your script folder ( where package.json is ) and run the following command.

npm install

The required node modules will be installed.