Step 3. Set up the script

Full Mobile  Shop app - React Native Full Mobile Shop app - React Native / Shopify Last updated on Updated  Jan 29, 2019

in the start of the config.js you will find this code

var settings={
  appName:"Shopify Sync",
  shopifySite:"", //Link to your shopify store
  firestoreCollectionForCategories:"product_collection_shopify", //Where to save the collections
  firestoreCollectionForProduct:"products_shopify", //Where to save the products
  cronInterval:"00 59 20 * * 1-5", //How ofter should the cron job run

The above code sets up the script. What you have to do is just replace shopifySite with the link to your Shopify site.

The cronInterval set how often the script should be called.

In the example above is Monday - Saturday at 20:59

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