Step 5. Init Mobile app

Install Required packages

Open the REACT APP BUILDER/Mobile app and there you will find the mobile app's code. 

Open the folder in the text editor. We recommend Visual Studio Code because of the Terminal that has been implemented inside. 

Another way is to open the project in Terminal or CMD. 

And when the project is opened run the command below, to install the node modules.


npm install

It should create a node_modules folder.

Init mobile app

After you have installed the required packages, we will continue to initializing a mobile app. 

This means, downloading all app metadata from firebase locally, and make it ready for deployment.

Let's start. 

You should have the Mobile app folder opened in the terminal or in Visual Studio code terminal. 


npm run produce

Then you should see this screen


Select to make Android or iOS app.

Both processes will download app data, and inform you for the next step

Next question is: What is the APP ID you want to make?


Open your online react app builder, that you have published, and open your app.

In the Basics tab, you will find the App Id number


Enter that number as an answer to the question.

Next, the process will start downloading all the data


Now all the app data is in place, and you are ready to test the app locally or deploy online

Test app locally

To test the app locally on a device or on a simulator, you need to execute

expo start

Then it will open a web browser. And there you should see this


You can test the app on android or on ios simulator. 

Deploy app online - Google Play and App Store

To start deploying your app on Google Play and App Store follow this guide

Deploy Mobile apps