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A App Maker / Publishing and updating Last updated on Updated  Jun 08, 2019

To submit your app to be compiled, click on the "Submit App"


Click on the Submit App button

Our automated process will compile, and build your mobile app in a few minutes - usually 10-20. 

Next, you should see this screen. 


Click on the Download App.json button

This file contains your app meta-data. 

Place it in a folder. 

When you receive an email, that your app is successfully produced, follow the instructions provided. 


Step 1. Install the Expo CLI

First, you will need Node

Install it from here

Run this command in your Command Prompt or terminal.


sudo npm install expo-cli --global

Windows (Open Command Prompt as administrator):

npm install expo-cli --global  

Step 2. Login in the expo cli

Run the command: expo login

Username: mobidonia

Password: AppPreview

Create a folder and place the app.json file there.

Step 4. Download package.json file

Download this package.json file and put in the same place where you added app.json

Run this command in your Command Prompt or terminal.

Navigate to the folder where app.json and package.json file is and run 

npm install

Step 5. Publish app

Follow the docs provided in the Publishing and updating section.