Upgrade guide

React App Builder - Unlimited number of apps React App Builder - Unlimited number of apps / Changes Last updated on Updated Jan 19, 2019

The upgrade guide is for the admin pane, the React App Builder.

Upgrade from ver 9.0.0 to 9.1.0

This is a big update, although remains same main version 9.

It brings new chat app, simpler design, and bug fixes.

The best and most practical procedure to upgrade will be.

  1. Download the new update from code canyon
  2. Extract it
  3. Go inside the Builder folder
  4. Extract the file ReacAppBuilderAdmin.zip
  5. Open this folder in Visual Studio Code
  6. Open terminal 
  7. Run npm install
  8. Copy config/firebase_config.js from your previous installation and paste in the config folder
  9. Modify config/app.js to reflect your app builder name. 
  10. Now you can run locally or deploy as before. 
  11. All your apps will be there, like before. 
  12. When you open the Dashboard page, it will automatically update templates and components.
  13. NOTE: If you have created your own component or template, this will overwrite them. So if you want to use your custom template, you need to merge the files according to your needs.