Step 1. Installation of the app

This is React Native app that uses Expo, solution for easy development and management of your React Native app. 

Setup your environment

You will need to setup your computer to prepare for configuring the UNIEXPO React Native App.

You will need Node + NPM to build the phone apps, GIT for version control, and Expo for  development testing.

  1. Install node and npm: Download it from here.
  2. Install GIT: Download it from here.
  3. Install Expo: Follow instructions for the local development tool and mobile client.

To verify your installation run

node --version
npm --version
git --version

Extract and initialize the uniexpo code base.

  1. Download and unzip the file from CodeCanyon:Envato into your documents or development folder.
  2. Unzip the uniexpo zip file found in  universal-app-platform\UNIVERSAL APP\Mobile app 
  3. The resulting folder dimovdaniel-uniexpoapp-8d6ec940704b contains a folder named dimovdaniel-uniexpoapp-8d6ec940704b, move it to the Mobile app folder and rename it   uniexpo  .
  4. Open a terminal / command line in the uniexpo folder and run   npm install 
       This will take 5+ minutes.
       You can complete steps 5+6 before step 4 is complete. 
  5. Configure your app name and icon in uniexpo/app.json ( how to )
  6. Configure your Firebase credentials in uniexpo/config.js ( how to )

Preview your app.


Open your project in the terminal. 


expo start

This will open a new web page in your browser.

From there you can preview the app on the simulator, using the buttons

* Run on Android device/emulator

* Run on iOS simulator


This will open the app on android or ios simulator.